THANK YOU! For the last seven years...

Drs. John and Tara Mercer would like to thank our patients for trusting us with their care for the last
7 years. We are saddened to announce that we will be closing our practice effective 10/1/15. Both
Dr. John and Dr. Tara will be seeing patients until we close. It has been our privilege to serve the women, children, and families of Fremont County.
Charts will be available for pickup at the Rose Lane office through October 1, 2015 after which they may
be requested through your health care provider.
Ongoing care for patients of Rendezvous Medical
is being offered by:

Ryan Firth: Lander Medical Clinic: 332-2941
Sandee Lewis: Wind River Clinic: 857-3488
Gwen Libby: Western Family Care: 856-6591

Janet Frost: Wind River Clinic 857-3488
Sandee Lewis: Wind River Clinic: 857-3488



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